Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hidup adalah cabaran


Now I feel like writing something here. Yeah! Currently at my office desk in the biological lab. Only authorised person can enter this lab. Proudly I am one of them because I am doing my honours project here. Alhamdulillah for the opportunity given by Allah. I feel like I am one of the "busiest" student in this world. Exagerate sangat kan. Well sometimes I do feel it. I don't have enough time for myself. Never think of doing something which will waste my precious times.
I don't have weekend. Because there is always thing to do every weekend. Everytime I think about this, life is too short to be regreted. How much good deeds that I've done for the sake of Allah? How much I've gave to help others? How much times that I've spend for islam? Shame on me. My iman is like a moving tyre, it always up and down maybe it likes a flat tyre, static. Hmm

I need a motivation. I need to find myself back and drag her to the reality of this world. But...

No reason! Keep moving! Never look back!

Its alright dear..
When people hurt you
Allah is there to comfort you
When people hate you
Allah always love you
When people forget about you
Allah will reminds you His presence

Don't worry
Because Allah is the Almighty
Allah will turn every impossible to possible
Be strong..

Kadang-kadang dilukai oleh insan mengajar kita erti ketidaksempurnaan
Kadang-kadang dilukai memberi kita makna kasih sayang sejati
Kadang-kadang dilukai mengenalkan kita tentang keikhlasan
Kadang- kadang dilukai memberi peluang kita mencintai yang selayaknya
Dilukai adalah satu episod kehidupan yang menjadi bekalan buat kita di kemudian hari

Sentiasa ada yang terbaik dijanjikan untuk kita