Friday, January 3, 2014

kerana aku hanyalah hamba

Happy New Year!!
2014...a year with full of hopes and dreams
Alhamdulillah and thank you Allah for granted me another year to live in this world
another year for me to improve amal and do more good deeds
another year to accomplish my 100 goals...
May Allah ease insyaallah..

I love my last summer here in Aussie
its not because I love the hotness
but because the memories and the chances that Allah gave me...
summer buddies and the awesome moments
failure does not mean the ending of happiness
failure means I have to take another pathway to reach my goal..
failure means I will experience an extraordinary journey of life..
so be grateful and be happy for everything that Allah gave me...

I believe Allah is the best planner of my life..
Allah will give me the best no matter how hard the situation is...
Allah knows His servant well,
He knows whats the best for His servant,
I know I like to complain about this life, I know I do little good deeds, I know I'm not grateful enough for all the nikmat and I know I am just a powerless servant,
I need Allah to guide me, to help me, to protect me and I need Allah in my life...

I promise to myself I want to be a better muslimah,
I want to be a merciful servant to Allah,
I want to love Allah more,
thus I will make my no 1 goal of year 2014 as

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